MJH Collections Management, LLC provides collections management and registration services for museums, historic houses, heritage organizations, corporate collections, galleries, and private collections. Though we’re based in Washington, D.C., we welcome projects from anywhere of any size, shape or material. 



Museum collections management & registration

  • Inventory and collections documentation

  • Collections policies, procedures, and forms

  • Database management including CMS selection and conversion, data entry, data cleanup and training

  • Collections digitization and publication to the web

  • Accessions and deaccessions

  • Historic house collections management

  • Care and security of high value collections

  • Collections storage assessments

  • Customized training in collections management principles, practical applications, and best practices



An experienced registrar when you need it

  • Exhibit project management

  • Traveling exhibition management

  • Conservation and mounts coordination

  • Loan registration including loan agreements, insurance, packing, shipping, customs, and courier arrangements

  • Domestic and International courier

  • Condition reports

  • Object installation

  • Federal immunity from seizure applications

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Museum quality services for the private collector

  • Conservation coordination

  • Inventory and collections documentation

  • Digitization and photography

  • Insurance

  • Evaluation of storage and display conditions

  • Installations and custom casework

  • Coordination of loans to exhibitions and galleries

  • Packing, shipping, customs coordination

  • Acquisitions coordination

  • Domestic and International courier